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We're working to end tobacco sales in pharmacies!

What's new
Raley's to halt tobacco sales  by the end of the month
February 17, 2015: Raley's spokesperson Chelsea Minor, announced that Raley's intends to phase out tobacco sales by the end of the month. In September 2014, Raley's announced that it would stop selling tobacco products to "raise awareness about health and wellness".
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The American Lung Association calls on retailers with pharmacies to stop tobacco sales.
February 5, 2015:  On the one-year anniversary of CVS’ announcement that they would stop selling tobacco in their stores, The American Lung Association called on other retailers with pharmacies to do the same.
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Council Members of Hollister, CA show unanimous support for tobacco ban in pharmacies

February 3, 2015: Council members from Hollister, CA showed unanimous support for a tobacco ban in pharmacies following a report and testimony. Council members directed a city attorney to start drafting language for an ordinance, which will be considered at a later meeting. 


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Nob Hill of Hollister, CA eliminates tobacco from its store
January 23, 2015: Nob Hill, a grocery store in Hollister, CA announced that it will eliminate tobacco from its store in the upcoming weeks. Mayor Ignacio Velazquez will hold an event next week recognize the local grocer. Nob Hill is owned by Raley's, a private West Sacramento based company that announced plans to remove tobacco from stores in November.
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ShopRite stores of Medford and Lawnside, NJ to Stop Tobacco Sales

December 2, 2014: ShopRite stores of Medford and Lawnside, NJ announced that they will stop tobacco sales beginning January 1st. The announcement followed the launch of a new wellness program offering smoking cessation resources to employees and customers.


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Pharmacies are no ordinary stores, and tobacco is no ordinary product!

*Tobacco products cause the early deaths of over 400,000 Americans every year.

*Pharmacists are health care providers, licensed and regulated by departments of health.

*Both the American Pharmacists Association and the National Community Pharmacists Association have adopted statements on this issue.


*Knowing this, why have large corporations continued to sell cigarettes in their pharmacies?



Pharmacy students – Join our 2014 photo campaign by taking a selfie or a photo of your classmates with a phrase showing what you think of tobacco sales in pharmacies.


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The above editorial cartoon is the fourth in Dr. Alan Blum's series, "The Marlboro Journal of Medicine," previous examples of which been published by The Birmingham News, The Oregonian, The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, and Tobacco Control. Co-created by Dr. Blum and syndicated cartoonist Ted Rall (past president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists), it was rejected by The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Birmingham News one month before CVS announced on February 5 that it would phase out the sale of cigarettes in its 7600 stores. Click here to read more.


Case Study: Regulating Pharmacy Tobacco Sales in Massachusetts


This case study, published by the Center of Public Health Systems Science at the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis, concentrates on prohibiting tobacco sales in health care institutions. Tobacco-free pharmacy policies are examined to provide a framework for future efforts. 


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*Click here to view past advocacy and activism efforts.
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