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2014 Photo Campaign Gallery

Pharmacy students from all over the nation are expressing how they feel about tobacco sales in pharmacies! Want to participate? First, upload a picture of yourself on Instagram or Twitter under the hashtag #TobaccoFreeRx with your name, school name, and phrase. Next, email your photo to so we can share it on our website. The following prizes will be rewarded 1) $250 for the most compelling photo/phrase 2) $250 for most students from a single pharmacy school.


The fine print: 1) By submitting your photo you acknowledge that it may be distributed, reproduced, and the world may see it (which is the point of this campaign). 2) We at TobaccoFreeRx acknowledge that your uploading of your photo/phrase in no way indicates endorsement by your school or college of pharmacy. 3) Cutting-edge, controversial, bold is OK. Inappropriate or unprofessional images will not be accepted. 4) The two $250 prizes will not both be awarded to students at the same school or college of pharmacy. Questions? Contact

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